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You can obtain this trophy as early as Goodsprings (where you begin the game).When you enter Freeside through the Freeside North Gate, keep walking and pass through the doors (made from a blue bus).This lists the four major factions with their corresponding questline.There will be a note that will be your evidence on why it was her.After talking with her, bringing your companions poses no problem.Lucky 38 (Cocktail lounge on the counter behind the middle cash register next to a green lamp) Note: You need to speak to Mr.The second option is to go to his room and take it from there.You can only hack computers depending on your science skill: very easy (0-24), easy (25-49), average (50-74), hard (75-99), and very hard (100).

You can steal the key from the troopers in front of the store or talk with missionaries.

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limit my search to r/FalloutMods. - For Fallout 4 [FNV] - For New Vegas [FO3] - For Fallout 3. Any nude mods for Vegas that make nudity optional?.Go to the computer (be careful of traps) and find the right computer log.Once you have done either one of the two options you will then want to show the journal to Cachino and use it to blackmail him.There are many factions in the game, which you can join or oppose.

This is basically a fail-safe faction if you ruin your reputation with any of the other factions.Fallout: New Vegas. the Strip or any of the casinos. -Every Casino, every place in Vegas will have its own kind of. fallout.wikia.views_New_Vegas.(and/or a anti-anti-casino-cheat mod to remove the 60 second.Fallout New Vegas. In Fallout New Vegas resorts casino tunica. have a time limit to.

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Once you have spoken in it, there will be a man that will talk to you.Pearl will ask you for your help around the base (which is required) to gain their trust.You can repair the connection with the mainframe with a piece of scrap metal and 35 repair, by inserting your ID card in the robot up stairs or with a science of 45.

Once you have killed him and all of his men you will then want to make your way back to Legate and speak with him.Return to Jason Bright after you killed all Nightkin or made them leave in a peaceful manner.This trophy will be obtained by completing a various number of tasks.Melee weapons consist of the following: Fire Axes, Sledge Hammers, Golf Clubs, and Nightsticks.Fallout: New Vegas cheats & more for Xbox 360. (this farm is north west of new vegas). Now safe it and play blak jack bet the limiT.The mission will finish and he will claim to owe you a favor.

Becoming a member of the Kings (including the only barber in the base game).For Fallout: New Vegas on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Anyway to prevent getting banned from gambling at a casino?".At any time, you can just confront Benny and shoot him on the casino floor, which will make the entire casino floor hostile towards you.Fallout: New Vegas casinos. Edit. as Craps is not playable in Fallout: New Vegas. The player can earn more than the ban limit at a casino by winning a single.After you have arrived at the camp, you will have to fight your way through some more Legion members until you make it to the tent which is located at the other side.You can select three skills that will me improved by 15 points each.Now once you acquire the 50 star bottle caps, go back to the headquarters and talk to Festus.After you have completed the quest, you will have completed all the NCR quests, you will have gotten the trophy, and unlocked the final quest in the NCR story.

How efficiently you use unarmed weapons (like your own fist, ballistic first, power fists, etc.).Note that installing the DLCs without playing them still raises New Vegas's level limit. casino built just before. Fallout: New Vegas DLC Expansions.PC Cheats - Fallout: New Vegas:. Look in the Casino upstairs on the left side above the cashier station and look in the top. PC Mods. Cheats. PC.

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Go to one of the Casinos at the Strip and just play 10 hands, winning is not required.Now, once you have destroyed the bunker, go back to Cottonwood Cove and tell Caesar the Brotherhood have been neutralized.

Remove Casino Ban - posted in New Vegas Discussion: I'm really enjoing the gambling, but I've been banned from all of them, including my own 38. Anyone know how to.Feel free to change whatever you want during your own playthrough.He will tell you to go to Primm and look for Jonathan Nash at the Mojave Express Outpost.This means you cannot sleep on just any mattress you find, it has to be an owned bed like from a renting a hotel room or owning a place (like the Lucky 38 for example).

They will tell you they are working on repairing the system so more energy can go to the NCR (you can later change it destination).Once he has given you the code, then you will want to then travel to all of Ranger Stations that are marked on your map and use the code to upgrade them.Once you have successfully made your way through the bunker and upgraded the.Once you enter Novac, you will have to find a person named Manny Vargas, which after you speak to him, will lead you to Boulder City.

The DLC is not required to achieve the platinum, however the Vault 13 Canteen (Couriers Stash) is extremely useful for a hardcore mode playthrough since it lets the courier often take a sip from what seems to be an endless supply of water.House until you finished all other trophies and a few non-trophy faction quests.Below is a list of the tasks that you will need to complete to obtain this trophy.There is a total of 8 companions you can recruit in the game.

This trophy can be given to you by the Tech Sergeant, even if you are very hated by the NCR, as long as you are wearing the NCR Armor any regular NCR member will not be hostile toward you.Stimpaks are one of the most useful healing items in Fallout.He directs you to Jason Bright who will ask you to help them clear out the Nightkins out of the basement.Therefore it can be pickpocketed at any time throughout game.Once you have finished talking with her, you will then want to fast travel to the Strip and make your way to Mr.House you will then want to return to Colonel Moore for your next task.The left terminal is triggered with mines, the right one is guarded with dogs.

Once you have either allied with them or killed them, return back to Mr.Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Fallout: New Vegas on GameSpot.To become allied with them, you will want to gain support from Papa Khan and his advisers.User:EssArrBee/FalloutNewVegas. 10.6 Tops Casino Neon Restored; 10.7 New Vegas. Some of it restores really good pieces of Fallout New Vegas and the other mods.