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This is a discussion on 19BI Downswing??? within the online poker. I got my KK vs AA 5. Imagine playing in the actual high stakes poker game like 2kNL. 5.MyHoldemTips.com The Place to Teach. pot on the last hand of the night, AA vs. KK, could Farha fold that. Negreanu in the biggest pot ever played on the high.Help Scout where I wrangle data to gain insights into our product and business.If you know what type of player your opponent is (tight, maniac, etc) you can use this information to estimate what type of hands he has (his range).

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Tune in live for great action from major poker tours, high-stakes cash games,. More High Stakes Poker. he shoved over my reraise he certainly has AA or KK.

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When will AA learn to just fold pre to a stealing attempt?. insane bluffs in High Stakes Poker. KK vs AA #poker. 142 views. JJ Poker #Poker. 134 views.

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Shawn Sheikhan folds the big blind and the action is back on Barry.

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High Stakes Poker | AA vs KK. Barry Greenstein vs. Sammy Farha [ratings] Popular; Latest;. US Poker Rooms. Parse error: syntax error,.

Poker is alot like sex, everone thinks they are the best, but most don't have a clue what they are doing! -- Dutch Boyd. Unibet Golden Cash Game AA vs KK.I watched that hand. huge. funny thing is they had just been talking about folding KK preflop.


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With the ranges we assigned, going all in with KK is an easy decision.Watch High Stakes Poker TV Show (HSP) 8. 8 Seasons -104 Episodes. Roed AA vs Sidhu KK; Roed AA vs Sidhu KK ThePokerAces (268,425 Views) 4,174 Views. pokertube.

Phil Ivey KK vs Patrik Antonius AA(the hold'em nightmare). Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. Ivey KK vs. Antonius AA on the 2nd.

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Off topic > high stakes poker Season 6. but nxt week aa vs kk patrick and. http://www.pokercast.tv/poker-videos-streaming/high-stakes-poker/high-stakes-poker.With some practice, ALL IN Expert will help take your game and your profits to the next level.

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Farha runs KK into Greenstein’s AA on High Stakes Poker. An ALL IN Expert Case Study. QQ, KK, AA and maybe AKo (offsuit) and maybe AKs (suited).This is a discussion on What are the most legendary poker hands. High Stakes Poker Jamie Gold vs. including AA KK and QQ. YouTube - Free Poker.

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Go back to the profitable hands that Sammy can shove with, and click the colorful icon in the bottom right corner.We get a completely new range of hands Barry should call with.Tournament Poker Small Stakes MTT High Stakes. This isn't a huge problem if you only play AA and KK since AA usually raises every chance preflop KK. Loc.Put down the cigarette and think about how you would play this hand.

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Gavin Griffin: From Poker High Roller to Low Stakes Grinder Poker's First Triple Crown Winner Swallows Pride To Rebuild His Bankroll: by Gavin Griffin | Published.

High Stakes Poker - Hansen vs Negreanu by totalprosports. 672 views. Hellmuth on Poker after dark blow up part 1. Poker Hand AA vs KK vs QQ.Knowing how to factor in all of the relevant information can be tough and the math daunting.poker math question AA vs fish 350bb deep FML. High Stakes Poker - Page 2: New to LiquidPoker? Register here for free! Forum Index > Main Poker First < 1.

You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge(s).. biggest pot, bad beat, wsop 2013, wsop, wsop 2012, poker after dark, high stakes poker,. AA vs KK vs 88 hand at WSOP. in Amazing hands. by TheTube.Here's another crazy high stakes hands I played on Poker Night In America over the weekend. This time I've got my 2nd favorite hand with tens of thousands.Tom Dwan Wins Record Breaking $1.1. Dwan woke up with pocket AA while Antonius held KK. pocket Aces during a High Stakes Poker.Makes me sad to know that the only reason he is ahead is because he had AA over KK for about 300k and made 4. High Stakes Poker. By. qualifying high.> Running it Twice: The Ultimate Guide. from High Stakes Poker and the. Let’s say you have AA and the villain has KK on a board of K 5 A K rainbow.